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  • Anshu Bryson
    • Aug 2014
    • 566



    I have been wearing my rakusu to sit since the Jukai ceremony. Per previous discussions on ceremony and ritual, I think that the ritual of reciting the 'Takkesage' verse and putting on the rakusu has had an effect (a positive effect) on my sitting. Not in a woowoo/magic way (), but as a sort of mental preparation, relaxation, centering, etc. (still hard to put a finger on exactly what is going on; early days yet! Harder still as I am trying not to think about it!! ), before the sitting even begins.



    sat today
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  • Kyotai

    Gassho, Kyotai/Shawn
    Sat today
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    • Yugen

      The robe chant is absolutely beautiful - it's my favorite chant and they are all beautiful. It is especially beautiful in Japanese.

      The chapter on the Robe Chant in Okamura's book Living by Vow is a great introduction.

      Deep bows

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      • Mp

        Hello Anshu,

        Thank you for sharing ... I know the feeling and I always wear my rakusu when I sit. Closing my eyes and chanting the robe chants settles/grounds me in the moment, in every moment. A beautiful practice indeed. =)


        Sat today


        • Myosha
          • Mar 2013
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          Rakusu is like zazen, useless, but we do it.^^

          Myosha sat today

          "Recognize suffering, remove suffering." - Shakyamuni Buddha when asked, "Uhm . . .what?"


          • Shoka
            • May 2014
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            I too have been wearing the rakusu when sitting since Jukai. And most days I just think, well this just adds one more thing to be done in a long line of things to be done. But it seems something funny happens at 4 a.m. when you are rushing to get seated before the bell rings.

            This morning I really wanted to attend the sit and talk with Abbot Muho, mainly because I'm still at work for the standard weekly zazenkai. So I set an alarm, but told myself to be realistic, it was pretty early for me and I would probably sleep through the alarm. As luck would have it I didn't sleep through all the alarms, just the first two (my alarm automatically snoozes itself). So I was up just in time to do the mad dash to get everything turned on in time. As the video came up Jundo was getting ready saying we are going to sit for a few minutes and asking if everyone was ready. HA! I made it. I reached for the rakusu, put it on my head, hands in gassho and begin reciting the robe verse.

            Here's the funny part, I hadn't grabbed my index card. Part way through the second time I realized that I was doing the verse from memory.

            I'm not a fan of route memorization, things just don't stick in my brain that way. So this morning, as I recited the verse and then checked to make sure I had done it right, I had the feeling that something must have sunken in, even just a little. Just enough to let my brain say, "this is worth using memory space for, it has meaning."


            Sat Today


            • Ansan

              Wearing the rakusu is just part of sitting now. It is a reminder who I am and am not or always have been and was not. It is also a nice place to settle my hands in mundra. It is comforting, especially in reciting the small verse that we spoke when we received the rakasu in Jukai. After my mind settles, the robe falls away. I have not added the chant yet but might when I am ready. My folded rakusu, when not in use, sits next to my plastic buddha on a spring, that dances when poked. It is all good.


              Sat Today


              • Kyonin
                Treeleaf Priest / Engineer
                • Oct 2010
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                Hi Anshu

                Yes, the Takkesage is a beautiful chant that gets you in the mood for the daily sitting. I'm glad you practice it.

                Makes you realize how important and boundless the Dharma is


                Hondō Kyōnin
                奔道 協忍