TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

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  • Jundo
    Treeleaf Founder and Priest
    • Apr 2006
    • 39419

    TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

    Dear Everyone,

    Master Dogen tells us that his trip to China took a month on a leaky boat, plagued by sickness and storm ...

    Me ... I'll be flying economy on a 777 from Tokyo to Guangzhou, probably plagued by nothing more than tight leg room and a bad movie. :roll:

    On Monday, December 5th, after sitting our Treeleaf 'Rohatsu' Retreat, I will be heading off to China. My wife and son will follow the next week. Our main objective is to fetch our new daughter, age 1 ... a girl who our family has been waiting for about 5 years and thought sometimes would never come ... ... child.html


    During the first week, though, I will be on pilgrimage to some famous Zen sites ... and I hope to take you all along with me as much as the internet will allow. I just received word (thanks to Andy Ferguson ... more about him later) that I will be able to stay and sit some Zazen for a day or two in the guest quarters of NANHUA CHAN-SI, the temple where the 6th Patriarch (Master Hui-Neng, of the Platform/Altar Sutra) is said to have spend most of his later life and died ...

    ... and still home to what is reported to be his mummified remains, sitting Zazen through the centuries ...

    I will also visit other temples associated with Masters Hui-neng, Yummen and 'ol Bodhidharma ... such as:

    Guangxiao Temple, said visited by Bodhidharma and where Master Hui-neng was Ordained (but only many many years after becoming the '6th Patriarch' as a lay person) ... It is also the place where the famous Hui-neng Koan is said to have taken place .. not the flag nor the wind, but the mind that is moving ...

    Hualin Temple, said to have been built my Master Bodhidharma when he first set foot in China ...

    ... and more!

    Then, my wife, son and I will be on to a two week adventure of meeting our new daughter in neighboring Guangxi Provence, getting settled and acquainted ... and working through mountains of remaining red tape and Chinese/America/Japanese government procedures for the adoption! I hope to take my Treeleaf family along on that adventure too! Hopefully, if all goes as it is expected, we will all be back in Japan by December 24th, in time to celebrate the New Year as a family!

    Internet access will be sporadic, and I will stay away from the computer when on Retreat. Also, Youtube and may be blocked in China. However, I intend to post as and when I can, blog in this thread most days, post photos ... and (if some alternative to Youtube) video too.

    Please get your bags packed to come along! My wife and I met as exchange students in Beijing back in the 80's (she from Japan, me from America), and so it is a kind of turn of the circle for us. Mina still speaks good Chinese, but mine is mangled and rusty as an old bucket. What's more, they speak Cantonese down there, and not Mandarin ... but we will get by!

    Also, thanks to Shohei, Mongen and Fugen, our SATURDAY ZAZENKAI's will continue during my travels ... so be there and sit square!

    Also remember these words of Dogen, from the Fukanzazengi ...

    In our world and others, in both India and China, all equally hold the buddha-seal. While each lineage expresses its own style, they are all simply devoted to sitting, totally sitting in resolute stability. Although they say that there are ten thousand distinctions and a thousand variations, they just wholeheartedly engage the way in zazen. Why leave behind the seat in your own home to wander in vain through the dusty realms of other lands? If you make one misstep you stumble past what is directly in front of you.

    Gassho, Jundo
  • Undo
    • Jun 2007
    • 495

    Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

    Buen Viaje!!!!

    A safe trip to you and your family. We will all be there with you all.

    take care



    I now have this on brain loupe so thought it only fair to share :twisted:
    [youtube] [/youtube]


    • Ekai
      • Feb 2011
      • 664

      Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

      This is so exciting to hear! I can't wait to see pictures of your little girl. I am sure she is beautiful. One-year olds are super cute and full of love, energy and vitality. They just want our love, affection and security. Very precious indeed. After 5 years, you and Mina must bouncing off the walls for the upcoming day to finally hold her in your arms. Makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it and I can't imagine how you guys feel. Is Leon excited too?

      Thanks for wanting to take us along with you on the trip to China.



      • Jundo
        Treeleaf Founder and Priest
        • Apr 2006
        • 39419

        Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

        Originally posted by jodi_h
        Makes me teary-eyed just thinking about it and I can't imagine how you guys feel. Is Leon excited too?

        Thanks for wanting to take us along with you on the trip to China.
        Hi Jodi,

        Thank you.

        Leon has been asking for years when his sister "Sada" would get here ... and we have had to make excuses for years to him, and also leave room for the possibility of her never coming (I remember telling him that 'life' or 'God' is like Santa Clause, and sometimes gives you what you want ... and sometimes not ... and so we have to be patient and accept each present just as it is and play with what we have ... my attempt at Zen teachings for an 8 year old! :wink: ). Now, he treats it like she is already here. When we showed him the photos, he said "Yeah, that's her". He is making her room ready, getting some toys ready for her too.

        We are very happy that he can come with us on this trip thanks to cooperative teachers in his school who prepared lessons for him to take with him.

        Gassho, J


        • Heisoku
          • Jun 2010
          • 1338

          Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

          Best wishes for your family adventure Jundo. Happy travels.
          Heisoku 平 息
          Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home. (Basho)


          • CoreyW
            • Jan 2009
            • 47

            Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

            It sounds like a wonderful trip and I am sure all will go great! It is super exciting that you will finally get to bring your daughter home! I can't wait to see video and pictures of the little girl and everything else you will be doing.

            -Corey W


            • andyZ
              • Aug 2011
              • 303

              Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

              Good luck with your trip Jundo and looking forward to visiting China with you!


              • Dokan
                Friend of Treeleaf
                • Dec 2010
                • 1222

                Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

                Sounds like a wonderful new chapter for your family. Smooth sailing sensei!



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                ~Anaïs Nin


                • Jiki22
                  • Oct 2011
                  • 89

                  Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

                  keep it safe
                  an experience-full pilgrimage and visits in China
                  a good luck with the adoption

                  i cannot wait for pictures
                  _/|\_ Gassho with deeply respect
                  慈 ji 氣 ki : Energy of Compassion


                  • Kyonin
                    Treeleaf Priest / Engineer
                    • Oct 2010
                    • 6742

                    Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China


                    I am so happy for you, Mina and Leon. I've only been a year on Treeleaf, but that's enough to know what you guys have been through to have Sada home with you and knowing that you will finally have her in your arms.

                    Thank you for sharing all this with us.

                    Please have a safe trip, learn a lot and get back home with your baby girl.

                    We will sit with you all the time.

                    Deep, deep gassho.
                    Hondō Kyōnin
                    奔道 協忍


                    • Shohei
                      • Oct 2007
                      • 2854

                      Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

                      So happy for you and your now growing family

                      Safe travels!!!

                      deep bows


                      • Risho
                        • May 2010
                        • 3179

                        Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

                        That is awesome! Have a fun trip!


                        • lorax
                          • Jun 2008
                          • 381

                          Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

                          Hi Jundo, Mina and Leon
                          Such a long wait…. We will be thinking of you guys for the next weeks till Sada is home.
                          Take care, be safe and see you back at Treeleaf soon.



                          • ghop
                            • Jan 2010
                            • 438

                            Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

                            I'm so happy for you and your (growing ) family!

                            Have a fun and safe trip.



                            • Hoyu
                              • Nov 2010
                              • 2020

                              Re: TRAVEL DIARY: Jundo Goes To China

                              Exciting! Family is the most glorious thing in the world
                              Glad to hear that everything is set to come together wonderfully! Looking forward to hearing your reports from China.

                              Ho (Dharma)
                              Yu (Hot Water)