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  • Alina
    • Jul 2023
    • 145

    This thread has been in my mind all week, and just now reading "How to cook your life", in chapter 12 it says:

    "Above everything else, the spirit running throughout the text is clearly that of functioning with a clear mind and true sincerity in the actual situation in which we find ourselves, and not in that one we have merely fabricated in our minds."




    • Steve Rossiter
      • Nov 2023
      • 16

      Originally posted by Alina
      Thank you Jundo for starting this thread, and for everyone how contributed to it.

      Reading all your comments made me realize that I was actually feeling guilty for failing to maintain this focused mind, for my mind drifting away while washing the dishes, even for multitasking when multitasking is what the moment actually requires...

      A weight has been lifted from my heart, I feel lighter now.


      Thank you Jundo for the great thread, and thank you Alina for expressing just how I felt also, after reading all of the thread replies. I sometimes get lost in the guilt of "not being in the moment". This made me realize there are sometimes many moments in one moment.

      Gassho ❤️ ☮️ �� Sat/Lah
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      • Tai Shi
        • Oct 2014
        • 3309

        I find difficulty living in the moment difficult. I have been practicing Shikantaza for less than ten years. I found it expedient to practice meditation in the moment after the most serious of my bodily accidents. My intestines at the duodenum simply became diseased and burst. A great surgeon performed a surgery at midnight on the 3rd of October about fourteen years ago. She entered my alimentary cannal through my mouth with surgical instruments; she then repaired my wound, and cauterized the surgical repair. At midnight on the 3rd of October, 2010, she saved my life. Upon seeing her for the follow up she remartked that the repair, she scoped my wound, looked remarkably good, and that I might never have to worry. Three years later, she performed a colonoscopy, and found that the wound was remarkably and clearly healed, and I had already suggested that she be recognized at the Avera Mc Kennan Hospital with a contribution of $25 to their foundation, be recognized . She was recognized for the award, but had forgotten, and today I find myself becoming very emotional and filled with gratitude for the surgery she performed to save my life. and as I told her before the colonoscopy, I am eternally grateful her surgery, and her dedication to life, and to me. Right now I am shedding a few tears. Her dedication, her wisdom, her insight, and quick planning saved my life. The award she received is called The Guardian Angle award. I have seen our daughter enter the University on a full Fellowship, earn the MFA in translation, and tone and a half years ago because of outstanding graduate work receive a Fulbright Fellowship and earn the degree as of this year. She is ABD, and I hope to see her hooding for the PhD in Japanese literature, comp lit with certification in gender studies in May. This demands upon my wife's ability. We would make the the drive to St Louis to see the ceremony at Washington University where she has been working a a Fellow teaching as adjunct Professor of Japanese. Next year, if all goes as planned, she will begin a six year contract as assistant Professor of Japanese for six years, leading io associate Professor of Japanese in the seventh year at the University of Denver. Her advisor said that she had hoped for a more prestigious university for our daughter to find a better position, and now I am smiling because I have been able to see all of this only because this hospital, as I discovered this year, 12 units of whole blood, and 4 units of Platelets, that I had nearly beld out, and Dr Kristina Hill-Jensen save my life, before a team of neurologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and social workers, first saved my life with quick thinking to administer Lamictical a mood stabilizer and diagnosed me with bipolar disorder type one, whereas I had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Here again I nominated, and he did earn the Guardian Angle Award, an I contributed $50 to the hospital for this man Dr Betara from India, with outstanding skills, and here came to term's with my negative actions as a boy, and began therapy with another man I nominated for this award, Dr J Chris Nordgrun. So many skilled men and women have taken care of me, and the final doctor I recognize id Dr Scott Vaung who actually went to the same High School as my daughter, board certified in neurosurgery, who performed brain surgery so that I might our daughter receive her PhD and continue with the career save my life once again, and give me a chance to live. I had wished for at one time Dr Charles E Taylor, English, American literature with MFA in creative writing, and not for me al;thought I earned MA English, EdS in higher education, and MFA in creative writing writing. I have written three books of worthy praise, and I have plans for two more books. So I as yet did not earn the crowning achivement as our daughter has Dr if Japanese literature, comp lit with certificate in gender studies. She has earned BA Japanese Studies, MFA in translation, with many awards. Our daughter has shown herself as brilliant, and because of brilliant doctors, therapists, social workers , surgeons, nurses, technicians of every type, I can type this message and witness the achievent I as I asked all my doctors to allow me to see, our daughter as Dr. Laurel Ann Taylor. One mor man Dr Donald Baum who I suggested for the Gardian Angle award who was bestowed this honor, who helped me deal with pain, and though I still feel pain, I am mor secure, with much less opiate medication, and who taught me in such a way and handing me off to Dr Nordgrun both actually allowing me to work through my sexual identity, And gave me my ability, thougfh Dr Nordgrun says of me that I have done all rge work, and have become self-actualized, and my creativity has allowed me to write excellent poetry. My life is to proceed as poet until I die, and father and husband, for I have gained everything I felt I would never have, an effective man dedicated to other people.
        Deep bows
        Tai Shi
        Peaceful, Tai Shi. Ubasoku; calm, supportive, for positive poetry 優婆塞 台 婆