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  • Shindo
    • Mar 2008
    • 278

    Babies Buddhism

    My children are 11 & 13 years now & I had forgotten how wonderful babies can be. This weekend my sister has come to visit with her gorgeous, six month old daughter (& husband & 3 year old son).

    They have all gone to park & I am here getting Sunday lunch ready (a roasty), but this morning (and yesterday) I have had many hours to hold, cuddle & play with my neice. I have been struck how she sits with such a straight back & gazes at the world with such a calm acceptance - it has been a lovely experience & one I hope I can take to the cushion.

    Just noodling (again )

    [color=#404040:301177ix]"[i:301177ix]I come to realize that mind is no other than mountains and rivers and the great wide earth, the sun and the moon and star[/i:301177ix]s". - [b:301177ix]Dogen[/b:301177ix][/color:301177ix]
  • TracyF
    • Nov 2007
    • 188

    Re: Babies Buddhism

    She hasn't lost the original self. :lol:

    Betcha she's a doll-baby, Jools!


    • Longdog
      • Nov 2007
      • 448

      Re: Babies Buddhism

      :lol: I contrast my (sometimes not so compassionate) thoughts/feelings for my nearly 17 year old daughter with the ones for my 5 month old son :lol:

      The little one, Beren, is fascinating to watch as he discovers the world, gazes at things, I know not, in wonder. An almost un-describable innocence and joy.

      Tomorrow is day one of full-time Daddy Day care for me. Wish me luck :wink: I'm hoping I can sneak in a day time sit when he's sleeping or may be I'll just join him in being one with sleepdom :lol:

      In gassho, Kev