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  • Jundo
    Treeleaf Founder and Priest
    • Apr 2006
    • 39419

    A Refreshing Message


    I received this message from a fellow who registered for the Forum yesterday, and I found it one of the most refreshing comments I have received in awhile. I just wanted to post it, and the fellow said I could. I suppose we will hear from him from time to time, or maybe not ... And that's great!

    Here is to all the folks who would rather sit than discuss sitting!

    I had a break from sitting for a couple of years upon my return ..., but now have been sitting everyday, no matter what ... [But] I don't read any books on Zen and although I love reading people's questions and comments on your lovely site and some others, I rarely think 'Zen' anymore. I used to read everything and be constantly stuck on what Zen was and how I should progress, but now I have quite a bit of faith that 'just sitting' is enough...

    I'm interested in the online sitting. I have a Sangha close-by but I really just want to sit rather than discuss Zen.

    Thanks Jundo.
    Thanks to you too, and Deep Bows,
  • Kent
    • Feb 2008
    • 193

    Re: A Refreshing Message

    Thank you both for sharing this most "refreshing message". Gassho Kent


    • Yugen

      Re: A Refreshing Message

      I am most grateful for this post and discussion thread Kent and Jundo...

      I have been wondering how to let you all know that I am present on a daily basis and read most discussion threads and posts, but have discovered as of late that I am more content to observe, listen, and learn than jump in with a point of view or explication of my own view. This is a change for me. I have for most of my life been happy to eloquently and often forcefully (through logic, data, and rhetoric) express my own point of view and facilitate discussion.

      Since I have begun Shikantaza, I have discovered the profound experience of listening and observing my own life's scenery, and the emotions which rise like the tide when I encounter an opinion or viewpoint that challenges, supplements, or renders obsolete my own perspective. I only gain by listening, and working things out for myself by sitting. For a person who has lived a life with books and constant internal dialogue, this is a wonderful and mind-opening experience.

      Some nights, (and increasingly as of late) when I face an interesting philosophical or ontological problem, I would wrestle with it until my head "hurt" - now I just sit, and let things take their course. The answer may appear - today, tomorrow, next year - and it may not. That is OK for now.

      I'd like to thank you all for your commitment to practice and sharing your ideas. I am present and keep this community in my thoughts and mindfulness practice - without you my practice would be rather solitary and skewed. But I do not need to burden you with my opinions. I benefit from listening, and sitting.

      In fellowship and gratitude -



      • Shindo
        • Mar 2008
        • 278

        Re: A Refreshing Message

        Thanks Alex
        Lovely post - & I should follow your example
        Kind regards
        [color=#404040:301177ix]"[i:301177ix]I come to realize that mind is no other than mountains and rivers and the great wide earth, the sun and the moon and star[/i:301177ix]s". - [b:301177ix]Dogen[/b:301177ix][/color:301177ix]


        • Skye
          • Feb 2008
          • 234

          Re: A Refreshing Message

          "When you release it, it fills your hand - how could it be limited to one or many? When you speak it, it fills your mouth - it is not bounded by length or width" (Bendo-wa)
          Even on one blade of grass / the cool breeze / lingers - Issa


          • Hans
            • Mar 2007
            • 1853

            Re: A Refreshing Message

            Hi Guys!

            Alex took the words right out of my mouth. I appreciate you other people being here very much, I sit with you in mind (well,before the actual shikantaza bit) and enjoy your company, but in the last thirteen years of my life, I have been bombarding people with so many of my opinions regarding religion and philosophy, that I don't feel like writing too much lately. Just sitting and cultivating what I've learned so far, together with the odd intellectual outburst once in a while (like a hick-up, that too goes away) is more than enough.