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  • Gregor
    • Apr 2007
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    eSangha Sitting Practice

    Hey Treeleafers,

    My friend Wade has set up a really nice online spreadsheet as part of his eSangha project.

    There a group of us that are using it to record when we sit and support each other in our home practice.

    It's been a nice tool for me and is a good motivator. He's put in formulas to track total minutes sat, and average per day. It's pretty cool

    It's not about comparing how much you sit against other's but just a communal practice of a group of people that sit at home.

    If your interested in participating send me your email via PM, and I'll add you as a collaborator to the group. You'll need a to have a Google account set up, because the spreadsheet is through Google Documents.

    take care,

    Jukai '09 Dharma Name: Shinko 慎重(Prudent Calm)