Zazen January 8

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  • Shohei
    • Oct 2007
    • 2854

    Zazen January 8

    Interesting!! there is a possible election coming up here... and im not very political... after the below story I've since decided to take a more careful look at whats going on. Anywho...

    I actually was accosted by my old landlord some months back. An interesting, gentleman by all standards - Landloard/Local art scene celebrity/stay at home dad/inventor (made the coolest tin-lizzy electric car for His kids -Although he drove it way more than them ;D)

    This being said he became front man for a political party for my region. Good for him i thought.

    Well i ran into this fellow... wonderful quirky guy... and after chating a moment about our kids etc he mentioned he was running for xxxx position regionally and was all for this and that (things that seemed to resonate with me) and asked if we (my wife and I would support him in some way...i said i would with out hesitation. Not being very political i had to double check which party he was representing... AFTER i gave him the small donation he was after, and then i got my "membership card" - on the records now, im a card carrying Conservative :roll:. I do not hold very conservative views - . I absolutely disagree with that parties overall policies!!

    Now just l got a call last night that began with "can we have some $$ and your vote in the upcoming election". I politely said no. They continued by bashing the other parties then asking why i wouldn't support them further since I was a card carrying member - Ugg.

    Now after that call i was thinking right along lines of todays talk... wwbd :lol:
    Not about the ridiculous move i made...Thats an easy one... but how would buddha vote. I know for me i wouldn't vote for the party i signed up with. Of course the opposing popular party has its shares of flaws too. There used to be (may still be for all i know) a party called the natural law party... i think if they were still around, they'd get my vote

  • Fuken
    • Sep 2006
    • 435

    I am pretty sure if Buddha were to vote it would be a vote for Ron Paul.
    The less government we have the better, trust me, I work for the Government.

    Yours in practice,
    Jordan ("Fu Ken" translates to "Wind Sword", Dharma name givin to me by Jundo, I am so glad he did not name me Wind bag.)


    • Rev R
      • Jul 2007
      • 457

      I'm fascinated by the political process, but jaded by politicians. It chaps my arse that people are stuck in this two-party crap.

      I agree with Jundo's sentiment that of he lived in this society the Buddha would definitely vote, but I don't think that he would limit his choices to the "Big Two".