Importance of Participating in a Sesshin

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  • Madrone
    • Oct 2011
    • 27

    Importance of Participating in a Sesshin

    Except for a 2.5 day beginner training, I have never participated in a sesshin. What is the significance of sesshin and do you recommend any in particular? Thanks.
  • Jundo
    Treeleaf Founder and Priest
    • Apr 2006
    • 39075

    Re: Importance of Participating in a Sesshin


    Taigu and I strongly encourage folks ... if you can find the time ... to go for retreats of a few days and full Sesshin (even a full week or two if you can) at places, and "traditional" (i.e., very Japanese style) retreats and Sesshin are good experiences. There are several good places to experience that in North America and Europe.

    Now, someone might ask too, "if each moment is all time and space, what is the purpose of an intensive Sesshin?" Well, I often say that, sometimes, we need to practice a bit long and hard, morning to night ... sitting and wrestling with 'me, my self and I' ... all to achieve nothing to attain! Going to Retreats, Sesshin and such is a powerful facet of this Practice and not to be missed.

    Of course, we have our Annual "All Online" two-day Retreat too (currently scheduled for the weekend of December 3rd & 4th, via live netcast) at Treeleaf Sangha ... traditional (yet "fully online") ...


    ... but this is a case where it is actually good to go to a retreat center and practice with folks for a time (if at all possible ... which it ain't for everybody).

    If you write to me with your location and availability, I will try to find you a place.

    Gassho, Jundo


    • Jiki22
      • Oct 2011
      • 89

      Re: Importance of Participating in a Sesshin


      the first time it did a sesshin
      it did not do much...
      at first,
      i sat and sat,
      listen to our Master...
      sitting for hours

      after the sesshin i came home to my wife
      did my work like i used to do
      but with a difference
      a feeling in me that make me smile,
      happy with what I do,
      what a have,
      with my life.

      few sesshins later
      i still smile...

      it is an ultimate shower of dharma
      it is a mirror to yourself
      you will been pushed to look at yourself
      with all the energy of all the other practitioners
      and you can share it too with them.
      in a sesshin you are pushed to live in the moment,
      do keep attention on what you do
      one thing a the time and end that before doing another
      and so much more...
      much more...
      _/|\_ Gassho with deeply respect
      慈 ji 氣 ki : Energy of Compassion