Treeleaf and Zazen timers

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  • Seiryu
    • Sep 2010
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    Treeleaf and Zazen timers

    During my morning sit, I was reminded of some of the reasons people found Treeleaf. And a very common reason was that they stumbled upon Treeleaf, accidentally, in search of a mediation timer. What I realized was how profound those implications were.

    Essentially, many of us were willing and ready to embark on a spiritual journey, ready to take on the world of Zen, on our own. Maybe we would read books, listen to recordings, visit a Zendo here and there, but at the core, many of us were willing to go through unexplored territory alone.

    To me this shows the dedication that many of our Sangha members have to this path. That despite not being close to a zendo, that despite not having the time to practice when everyone else is practicing, it wasn't going to stop them for moving forward.

    I humble bow to all those in this Sangha. Thank you all!
    you have been of tremendous help and benefit!
    清竜 Seiryu