for anyone interested in doing a loooong retreat, free

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  • roky
    • Jul 2008
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    for anyone interested in doing a loooong retreat, free

    for those more experienced meditators who don't have pressing responsibilities(or just got laid off), i stumbled upon a retreat center in nova scotia where you can do an extended(1 month or more) self-retreat, no charge, donations accepted, non-denominational -- sounds great to me, but i'm a bit weird -- you get a 10x10 cabin, with an outhouse, propane for heat and cooking -- carry water(no chop wood) -- bring your own food -- a daily group sit in their hall, then you're on your own -- they might let you do less than a month

    for those who havn't done a self-retreat before, a word of caution: it sounds great until you do it -- being alone with your bullshit is very difficult, particularly when the first panic attack hits -- (and no computer, so no posting :shock: ) --you know those stories about buddha being visited by mara in the middle of the night? -- all true -- you will find many great reasons to leave

    there is also "the roky road": you can sit at the forest refuge in masachussets as a work retreatant, no charge, 1 month minimum -- i will be doing this again in march

    pm me if you have a serious interest

    gassho, roky
    "no resistance"
    thaddeus golas