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  • Adam
    • Oct 2009
    • 127


    Hello everyone,

    I need motivation for zazen. I've been slacking lately (finding every excuse in the book), and it's been some time since my last full zazen session (only 5 to 10 minutes at a time, lately). What do other zazeners in the sangha do when this mental "brick wall" presents itself. Any help would be useful. The only barrier is myself, but I need to find a way back to the cushion.


    "Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment." - Lao Tzu
  • Shohei
    • Oct 2007
    • 2854

    Re: Motivation...

    Hi Adam!
    Your not alone. We all go through it!

    I used to beat my self up over it. Now i just sit with it! (/slaps knee)
    Seriously though it is mental you say, so its not much to it really. It will pass. perhaps.
    See why (better still WHO) is resisting sitting. We all ... EVERY one has an ebb and flow - why not its natural- of sitting. that said (And as a very wise man once shared with me) sit often and dont worry about the length of time. Its rhythm... find a beat that suits you and dont worry (right now that is) about what is right and wrong. Do what you can. drop any guilt about not sitting and just sit ! Dont forget insta zazen too of course.

    Sorry these are not very direct answers but you know how to sit, when and where so any thing said are just pointing at what you already know!

    Shohei - sometimes.


    • Grizzly
      • Mar 2010
      • 119

      Re: Motivation...

      Hi Adam
      Happens to me daily. This is where I think the discipline of the monks is inspiring and necessary. If we don't bother with sitting for periods then nothing comes up but if we commit to it and when we don't feel like we still do it then all the stuff that goes with that is grist for the mill. Like many of the things in life we might not want to do this discipline brings all that 'resistance' to the fore to be sat with.


      • Rich
        • Apr 2009
        • 2595

        Re: Motivation...

        Constantly being yanked around all day by varying degrees of thinking, feeling and emotions; I think its nice to sit with this stuff and let it settle down and maybe even arrive at a place where it is stopped or at least noticing the stopping and starting. Sitting twice a day I think does establish a rhthym to the day as Shohei mentioned. Do what you are comfortable with and gradually increase your comfortableness. There is some effort involved but that's true with everything you do. Motivation - when you say or do something that makes someone else happy..

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