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  • Taigu
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    • Aug 2008
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    kesa sewing, news

    Ater Joshin great input about natural dyes it just inspired me to invistigate more the traditionnal ways of dying hemp , coton or linen in order to sew a kesa. I said before that I would record a set of videos about kesa sewing soon, but I have to say that I would really like to do it later in order to be able to provide a comprehensive and well documented sewing process. I am going to try and experiment with natural dyes and ask people around in Japan. I should come up with a set of options and recipes and then will proceed with the instructions on line for sewing a Nyoho-e kesa. Anybody interested in sewing may start the journey now and go on my Nyoho-e kesa site...
    , it is not really complicated and Icould help people on line, just get in touch with me.
    I am planning to record these videos next summer. I am now busy with Ango, getting my translation of Fukanzazengi into French out of the way and...working my a... out.

    For the rakusu, please feel free to ask me or many of the elders, they are brilliant at it! :lol: