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  • will
    • Jun 2007
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    Dropping moments for this moment

    Just a random post, for the sake of a post.

    The story about the two monks and woman is great! You know the story: How one monk was contemplating helping a woman across a stream or some such thing, while his partner in crime just picked her up and carried her across. The contemplating monk was exasperated. "How could you touch a woman?!" etc.. The other monk said: "You still talking about that? I left her back there, but your still carrying her around!"

    Well, That's a great point of practice. Learning to drop whatever situation had us out of sorts a moment ago. The unfortunate/fortunate part is: "It takes practice." It takes realization after realization. Balance and dropping. It really helps in "Getting things done". Sometimes we have to be the example, the rock so that others can realize that they are the same rock. Rock/no rock.

    Now it's very easy to talk about this, but it's another thing to take it into daily life. As I stated before "I'm on my first recital of Mary had a little lamb." Sometimes I'm playing a great piano concerto, and some moments I'm struggling to even see the notes.

    As a teacher I have some students who really look up to me. Who want something from me etc.. Yet, I have nothing to give. Living with that "is" practice. Living with that "Is" Karma." I can't give them anything. They want me to make their life better, or find the answers. That's fine. But I can't spend my time chatting up someone about the grand answers to life. I don't know about that. Sometimes I think I know, but actually, I have no idea!!! :shock: .

    So, all I can do is live "this" moment, and "this" moment. In living this moment I am helping more than I ever possibly could.

    Maybe there's a time for the grand scheme chat, and maybe there's a time to drop it. Don't know. I'm still working on that recital.

    I can tell you one thing. The recital is a bit different in society then in a practice environment where everyone is looking deep into this "Zazen". However, we each do Zazen. Even if we don't recognize it, we do it. We have done it. From the cook at the restaurant, to the student in the university class. Each one has done Zazen, and is "still" doing Zazen

    Gassho _/_

    To save all sentient beings, though beings are numberless.
    To penetrate reality, though reality is boundless.
    To transform all delusion, though delusions are immeasurable.
    To attain the enlightened way, a way non-attainable.
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    Re: Dropping moments for this moment

    Gassho _/|_