Zazen, Stillness and Change - Tricycle features Jundo's essay

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  • Bion
    Treeleaf Unsui
    • Aug 2020
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    Zazen, Stillness and Change - Tricycle features Jundo's essay

    Hi, all.. Tricycle magazine features Jundo's latest essay, Zazen, Stillness and Change in their Personal Reflections section. We have had the chance to read this essay ahead of its publishing here at Treeleaf, in our Teacher Talks section, where you can still find it along with an audio version of it, for those who struggle with reading because of sight issues.
    You can read the Tricycle publication here:

    Thank you to Jundō for his timely teachings and Happy New Year to everyone

    sat and lah
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    "Stepping back with open hands, is thoroughly comprehending life and death. Immediately you can sparkle and respond to the world." - Hongzhi
  • Jundo
    Treeleaf Founder and Priest
    • Apr 2006
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    Oh, really? I did not know ...

    Looking forward to a quiet and peaceful New Year.

    Gassho, Jundo



    • Tairin
      • Feb 2016
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      Sat today and lah
      泰林 - Tai Rin - Peaceful Woods


      • Tai Shi
        • Oct 2014
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        My quiet time was from 4:00 am Central Time USA, until 4:45. I appreciate this time of reflection, and self searching. I believe I was too loud, and fully too much disclosure yesterday at a family gathering. I was speaking with Marjorie's cousin. We spoke about our grown children while I was saying what an outstanding accomplishment our dauhter had made, and he was speaking about his two sons and what a success they were. This is speaking too much about our daughter and taking credit for what she had accomplished. It became a matter of who had the most successful children. This was claimed later as we realized our children had gone in different directions and become successful in their own areas. How much credit can parents claim for their children. Our daughter and I discussed her successes last student break. We believe, she and I, that she took direction from me, and intellect from mother. However these were her individual, her own choices. Yet, how much intellect is inborn, and how much gained from parents? I don't know, and despite the vast amount of testing from universities, and governments little knowledge has been gained except perhaps by gentle upbringing, and from example. IQ studied in the past seventy or eighty years has only given some value to cultural norms. There are studies which revel that each culture brings with it it's own values, that show wide standards. There are no cultural reasons for Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Einstein, Clara Barton, or Md Currie, and the hundreds of other great names in culture including the Buddha, and Jesus. These people contributed a great wealth of knowledge and peace, we could as well add Schweitzer, as the thousands of people of knowledge, science, peace, contributors to grate religions, more, and more areas of great learning and examples. Women and men of the ages have given us all a highlighted standard to reach, and help humanity. Institutions build enclaves of learning, worship, and practice for great understanding, and people of stature come out of the places of understanding. It is my hope that these places will keep humanity from destroying itself with ignorance, want and evil, that hunger, poverty, disease, ignorance, and greed will not destroy us by our own wants and wishes. We hope for the influence of knowledge, wisdom, peace and common knowledge above all else.
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        Peaceful, Tai Shi. Ubasoku; calm, supportive, for positive poetry 優婆塞 台 婆


        • Seiko
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          • Jul 2020
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          Originally posted by Bion
          Happy New year

          Gandō Seiko
          (Stubborn Way of Pure Light)

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