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  • will
    • Jun 2007
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    You know.It is hard to talk about Zen and Zen practice. Well, not so hard to talk about it, but difficult to point to. If you haven't experienced what Dogen Zenji is pointing to, then it is somewhat difficult (perhaps impossible) to understand.

    I can tell you that this Bodymind is out of whack, but when there is no attachment to whatever is present ( anything that comes up) something happens. Things calm and fade away. They come and go. Then there is, perhaps the word is, an abiding. Difficult to talk about, but easy to understand. Just don't attach to anything, then where are you? I guess the term would be nowhere. There is not a single reference point to pinpoint who you are. But even this is only a beginning.

    It seems to take practice and more practice to get to this place. However, practice is not a tool, or a job. It is not work. It is realizing that there is nothing to hold on to. However, if you don't experience it, you don't know what it is.

    From the beginning if you could let every experience come and go without attachment, then from the beginning you can taste it. However, it seems as Dogen Zenji says:

    "One must do the training" (Zazen. Study the self, forget the self, actualization) Some people might think: "Why?" That perhaps is not an easy question to answer. Because this is the way it is. This is the way it has been for thousands of years, and hundreds since Dogen's time.


    To save all sentient beings, though beings are numberless.
    To penetrate reality, though reality is boundless.
    To transform all delusion, though delusions are immeasurable.
    To attain the enlightened way, a way non-attainable.
  • AlanLa
    • Mar 2008
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    Re: Another

    From Shian on

    Words don’t cook rice. - Zen saying

    Words can't enlighten you, though they can point you in the right direction.
    Words can teach you how to cook rice – if you go beyond reading them.
    Words can only point at the moon. Every word is just a moonpointer.
    AL (Jigen) in:

    I sat today