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  • Shui_Di
    • Apr 2008
    • 210

    Xiao flute

    https://<div class="videocontainer w... </a> </div>

    Hi guys... I found this on the internet, hope you all enjoy this xiao flute...

    There are two types of xiao. the southern and the northern.
    The southern is just like Shakuhachi in Japan.
    The northern Xiao is longer than the southern xiao.
    This video is the northern one...

    Gassho, Shuidi
    Practicing the Way means letting all things be what they are in their Self-nature. - Master Dogen.
  • Aswini
    • Apr 2008
    • 108

    Re: Xiao flute

    Very nice,

    "When I play a flute, the flute becomes my language and I only think in music. I have a rather deep and complex Way of thinking about it. I feel that this mindset is the purest Way of connecting with the flute and music.

    Become the Flute and you will find your Center in it. "