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  • lora
    • Jun 2008
    • 122


    Hiya, Everyone,

    I have a little book entitled "365 Tao" by Deng Ming-Dao, which I have read every morning for about 5 years now. It kind of gives me food for thought for the day. It's not Zen but I have'nt yet found a day when what he says does not resonate. This morning I was figuratively "slapped" upside the ear! I'd like to share it with you:

    Our subjectivity
    Is a mirrored,
    Spiked casket.

    We surround ourselves with the reflections of our own identities. We think only of ourselves, not of Tao. All we care about is survival and gratification. When will we see that all we have done is to surround ourselves with our own illusions.

    We do not see the world as it truly is. We ignore the dilemma of our existence. We are like preening idiots inside a mirrored casket. As we build upon our illusions, the box gets smaller. Soon it develops spikes - the spears of our own egotism - only we are so self-absorbed that we do not notice the points. We are too in love with ourselves. We prance around, we fluff our hair. And still the casket gets smaller and smaller.

    Some succeed in getting out of this trap, but they are so attached that they drag their casket behind them for a long time. Those who drag their illusions with them are only a step better than those who are trapped in them. Only when we realize our true nature does the casket disappear.


    I tell ya what, guys, the man REALLY needs to quit talking about me like that! How dare he. I thought that I just dragged my a** but now its a whole casket!

    Oh, well if the shoe fits me, I guess I'll wear it.

    Many Blessings,
  • Aswini
    • Apr 2008
    • 108

    Re: Imprisonment

    thanks for sharing that, it's worthwhile.

    I think lama once described meditation (zazen) as being one long personal insult.