[ARTS] Now and Then - The last Beatles song

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  • Bion
    Treeleaf Unsui
    • Aug 2020
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    [ARTS] Now and Then - The last Beatles song

    Well, this is a special one! Thanks to Geika for this, as she is the one who brought this to my attention.

    After decades of having it unfinished, the Beatles have released Now and Then, a brand new original song and all of them are playing on it, which is a wonder of modern technology. As you'll see in the little documentary, they had to wait decades for the technology to be available to restore an old John Lennon demo tape and separate the vocal from the piano track. It goes to show, master Dogen's ideas of time were spot on. Lennon sang in the 70s, the tapes were received by the other Beatles in the nineties, the song saw its start in 95, George recorded a guitar back then, and in 2022 the remaining Beatles finished everything. But, on this marvelous track released in 2023, they are together, beyond space and time, beyond death and life. I hope everyone enjoys listening to this beautiful song. I for one, am in awe

    Forgive me for rambling a bit here

    sat and lah
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  • Shinshi
    Treeleaf Unsui
    • Jul 2010
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    Finally AI was good for something!

    Gassho, Shinshi

    空道 心志 Kudo Shinshi
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    • Nengei
      • Dec 2016
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      Kids these days, with their hair, and their music... GET OFF MY LAWN.

      Sat today. LAH.
      遜道念芸 Sondō Nengei (he/him)

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      • Geika
        Treeleaf Unsui
        • Jan 2010
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        Thank you for posting, Bion!

        求道芸化 Kyūdō Geika
        I am just a priest-in-training, please do not take anything I say as a teaching.


        • Naiko
          • Aug 2019
          • 838

          Thank you for sharing this. How poignant and aptly named.
          st lah