[HealthDharma] Turning Suffering Inside Out, chapter eight, part two

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  • Kokuu
    Treeleaf Priest
    • Nov 2012
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    [HealthDharma] Turning Suffering Inside Out, chapter eight, part two

    This week's reading is pages 127-140 (from ‘Learning to Take the Body’s Point of View’ to ‘Using Everyday Movements to Feel Your Body’ )

    This part of the book looks at ways of connecting to the body and Darlene points out that many of us spend a lot of time in our head and it can actually feel strange to tune into our body so much.

    She suggests using breath awareness to do this as well as bringing awareness to the body when doing a set sequence of movements. These movements include:
    1. Arm twist
    2. Big toe turn
    3. Shoulder blade sway in a chair
    4. Elbow stretch
    5. Breastbone flex
    6. Knees together and apart
    7. Raise and lower bent legs
    8. Pelvic rock in a chair
    9. Leg rotation in different directions
    10. Massaging the chest
    11. Knees from side-to-side
    12. Passive knee, active knee
    13. Head/shoulder dance

    Question Prompts

    1. Can you try some of these exercises and feedback on how they feel?

    2. Can you imagine using these kinds of exercise regularly and might they be helpful?

    Wishing you all a healthful week.