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  • Jundo
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    • Apr 2006
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    Hi Guys,

    Just a quick reMINDer that Ango kicks off this Saturday

    ... (actually, Friday night with our monthly 4 hour Zazenkai).

    Today's Zazenkai marks COMMENCEMENT of our ANGO (90 Day Tranquil Dwelling)! The Talk today will reflect on "Ango Now and Then" ... (text below in this thread) ... Dear All, Please 'sit-a-long' with our MONTHLY 4-hour ZAZENKAI, netcast LIVE 8am to noon Japan time Saturday morning (that is New York 7pm to 11pm, Los

    Go Go Ango!

    Here is to all our Ango folks this season!

    We'll be beginning our readings and reflections on each of the Precepts for Jukai in a couple of weeks. I will be opening the sewing forum today, just so folks can begin to get ready with their materials and such ...

    And here is a thread to post Ango Commitments and share/diary your Ango experiences throughout the season ...

    Gassho, Jundo

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  • Jundo
    Treeleaf Founder and Priest
    • Apr 2006
    • 39065

    I posted this a couple of places elsewhere, but would like to add it here too ...


    Hi All.

    Besides attending the Zazenkai each time (you will see me there) and listening to all my own talks (I always enjoy my talks and the sound of my own voice, and find them inspirational!) ... plus having Dokusan with myself using a mirror ...

    I will be avoiding all sweets and beer (not that I drink that much to start with) ... which, to be honest, is combining Ango with a late summer intensive push on my ongoing diet! (No reason not to combine the two. In fact, 25 years ago I quit smoking in main part by checking into a Zen Sesshin!)

    I will be increasing my sitting time each day, joining with you in the Global Days of Service and charitable contributions, reciting Metta and the Meal Verses with everyone.

    This reminds me ... keep good humor through the Ango, Jukai and Sewing! Nobody says it has to be a dour and desperate experience. Quite the contrary, good humor is vital.

    In fact, the key to all Zen Training is "not to tight, not too loose". If I may say, one has to ask whether Practice is too loose or too tight. Or just right ... like Goldilocks!

    For example, it is fine to just put it all down, be simple, let the breeze move and the rain fall ... nothing more needed. However, the above needs to be contrasted with simply being negligent, putting it off, doing things half way, avoiding what should be done etc., closing your ears to what you don't want to hear etc. .... Only the person knows which applies.

    Also, in the other direction, one can be diligent, sometimes engaging in hard practice, taking care sincerely and carefully of what needs to be done like at Sesshin ...

    Versus being an obsessive tight ass, rigid, compulsive. That is not good either. Only the person knows which applies.

    And, by the way, it is not particularly good too to run from one extreme to another ... like some folks I know who "commit" on Tuesday, "quit" by Thursday. Slow and steady wins this race to nowhere (in fact, a lot like parenting a child in that way, or even learning the piano! ).

    Time again to tell of Sona and the Lute ...

    [The Buddha said], "Sona, you were a musician and you used to play the lute. Tell me, Sona, did you produce good music when the lute string was well tuned, neither too tight nor too loose?"

    "I was able to produce good music, Lord," replied Sona.

    "What happened when the strings were too tightly wound up?"

    "I could not produce any music, Lord," said Sona.

    "What happened when the strings were too slack?"

    "I could not produce any music at all, Lord," replied Sona

    "Sona ... You have been straining too hard in your meditation. Do it in a relaxed way, but without being slack. Try it again and you will experience the good result."
    Gassho, Jundo