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  • oxeye
    • Oct 2007
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    FYI Chevron's response to requests

    Chevron's response to requests that they shut down their operations in

    Thank you for writing to Chevron Corporation. For your information, Chevron has posted a statement regarding Myanmar and its share in the Yadana gas pipeline on its Web site,

    Chevron supports the calls for a peaceful resolution to the current situation in Myanmar in a way that respects the human rights of the people of Myanmar. Chevron's minority, non-operated interest in the Yadana project is a long term commitment that will help meet the critical energy needs of millions of people in the region. Our community development programs also help improve the lives of the people they touch and thereby communicate our values, including respect for human rights.

    You may be interested to know that the quality of life for the 50,000 people living in the 25 communities near and along the Yadana pipeline has been significantly improved thanks to the health and social programs developed by the Yadana pipeline consortium. For example, the infant mortality rate in Yadana communities is 1/6th the national average as a result of the health programs that have been implemented, and following the creation of 22 schools, students in the area now have access to quality educational facilities.

    These and many more benefits of community engagement programs along the Yanada pipeline have been confirmed by a series of independent third-party audits. For more information on these programs we encourage you to visit Total’s website (the operator of the Yadana pipeline) at (

    Chevron Response Team