Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer

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  • Seiryu
    • Sep 2010
    • 620

    Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer

    I really like this prayer. It is a beautiful reminder that our practice is not just for ourselves, but for all living beings without exception.
    I really love the last verse! The Bodhisattva heart really shines through....

    This prayer was extracted from Chapter 10 of the Bodhicharyavatara of Shantideva.

    May all beings everywhere
    Plagued by sufferings of body and mind,
    Obtain an ocean of happiness and joy
    By virtue of my merits.

    May no living creature suffer,
    Commit evil or ever fall ill.
    May no one be afraid or belittled,
    With a mind weighed down by depression.

    May the blind see forms
    And the deaf hear sounds.
    May those whose bodies are worn with toil,
    Be restored on finding repose.

    May the naked find clothing
    The hungry find food
    May the thirsty find water
    And delicious drinks.

    May the poor find wealth,
    Those weak with sorrow find joy;
    May the hopeless find hope,
    Constant happiness and prosperity.

    May there be timely rains
    And bountiful harvests;
    May all the medicines be effective
    And wholesome prayers bear fruit.

    May all who are sick and ill
    Quickly be freed from their ailments.
    Whatever diseases there are in the world,
    May they never occur again.

    May the frightened cease to be afraid
    And those bound be freed;
    May the powerless find power
    And the people think of benefiting each other.

    For as long as space remains,
    For as long as sentient beings remain,
    Until then may I too remain
    To dispel the miseries of the world.
    清竜 Seiryu
  • KellyRok
    • Jul 2008
    • 1374

    Re: Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer

    Hello all,

    Thank you Seiryu for posting this. It is beautiful indeed!



    • Hoyu
      • Nov 2010
      • 2020

      Re: Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer

      Ho (Dharma)
      Yu (Hot Water)


      • Dokan
        Friend of Treeleaf
        • Dec 2010
        • 1222

        Re: Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer

        Amazing and wonderful. Thanks for sharing



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        We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
        ~Anaïs Nin


        • Jundo
          Treeleaf Founder and Priest
          • Apr 2006
          • 39441

          Re: Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer

          Thank you, Seiryu. Lovely.

          And might I say too, hand-in-hand with all that ..

          May all beings be content with what is ... and content with what is not ... even as one may seek to make 'what is' other than what is ... and 'what's not' other than what's not ...

          ... content (right at the Heart of one's discontent) with what can be changed ... content with what cannot.

          Gassho, J


          • Taigu
            Blue Mountain White Clouds Hermitage Priest
            • Aug 2008
            • 2710

            Re: Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer

            A real pearl, Seiryu. One of these pearls that dragons fish in the sky and find in the deepest waters.

            gassho from Onomichi



            • Ekai
              • Feb 2011
              • 664

              Re: Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer

              Thanks for sharing this, very beautiful.



              • Kyonin
                Treeleaf Priest / Engineer
                • Oct 2010
                • 6742

                Re: Shantideva’s Dedication Prayer

                When I was sitting one morning last week I realized sometimes I simply forget to focus on other persons problems and needs. When my mind starts to wander around it's always with things like "what's going to happen to me". "how will this affect me", "this happened to me"... me me ME!

                And this prayer helps us getting back on track. Thanks, Seiryu. I will integrate it to my practice.
                Hondō Kyōnin
                奔道 協忍