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  • Onrin
    • Apr 2021
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    ARTS: Shine Eyed Mr. Zen

    RIP Kelly Joe Phelps, who passed earlier this week.
    He described his own musical style as shine eyed zen.
    Friends who know him from way back say he was a good jazz bassist who dropped off the scene, only to emerge as a master country blues artist, and ended up being voted blues and slide guitarist of the year by various guitar magazines.
    But his songwriting is what struck me - his storytelling is on another level, and is expressed perfectly with his voice and guitar. Complete artistry.
    He never said much in between songs, but when he did it was funny and touching. A deeply caring person according to his friends.
    Kelly Joe Phelps at the Artiste Sanctuary Concert Series at St. Jude's in Cedar City, UT05/12/12's as thin as the edge of a r...
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  • Shinshi
    Treeleaf Unsui
    • Jul 2010
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    That is sad news, he played beautifully. Thank you for sharing the video.

    Gassho, Shinshi

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