Dear all,

This coming Sunday, December 31st, 2023, we will hold our last practice of Eco-Tonglen of 2023

For those who are unfamiliar with the practice of "Eco-Tonglen", information on this important practice of compassion for our Earth can be found here:

This event will occur in the Scheduled Sitting Room (SSR), the same place as our usual Tonglen Practice, and Eco-Tonglen and will also be streamed to YouTube as usual.

The Treeleaf Practice Calendar can be found here:

The Scheduled Sitting Room can be found here: password if needed is << dogen >>

The livestream for the event can be found here:

ALL are welcome -- no experience is required, just bring your compassion and concern for our Earth -- we hope to see you there!

For anyone who is interested in learning about EcoDharma, please visit the EcoDharma discussion forum here:

A group for anyone wishing to join Kokuu and Doshin for study and practice based around David Loy's book: Ecodharma

sat and lah