Hello and Welcome to our "Neuro-Diverse" Practice Group

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  • Jundo
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    Hello and Welcome to our "Neuro-Diverse" Practice Group

    Dear All,

    Welcome to our "Neuro-Diverse" Practice Group, part of our 'Zen of Health in Body & Mind' Group. This place is for our many members who practice with a variety of learning and other like neuro-challenges which make Zen practice sometimes unique or hard. (I myself grew up with reading issues, although not severe.) The best way to learn about practicing with Neuro-Diversity is by speaking and sharing with other Zen Practitioners who have a variety of shared conditions. That is what this place is for. Please make yourself at home here.

    Let me mention that this group is within our "members only" area of Treeleaf, behind our firewall requiring registration as a Sangha member. So, while not totally private (we are still on the internet), it is as protected from outside eyes and search engines, etc. as we can make it.

    It is in the good hands of our novice priest and friend, Onki, whom I now introduce. So, WELCOME!

    Gassho, Jundo

    ~ ~ ~

    tsuku.jpg - Onki (London, Ontario, Canada)

    MESSAGE ME HERE: https://www.treeleaf.org/forums/priv...=newpm&u=23532

    Welcome to the Neuro-Diverse Practice Group!

    Hello Sangha! My name is Onki. I am honoured to host and be a part of this amazing space.

    A bit about me:

    I have been with Treeleaf since 2020 and received Shukke Tokudo (Ordination as a novice priest-in-training) in August 2023.

    I have ADHD, a learning disability, and memory impairment as well as OCD, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, and depression.

    I live with my wife and our four fur babies in Canada.

    As Neurodivergent folks, we face our own unique obstacles and challenges daily. Some of these may include, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, OCD, learning disabilities, sensory issues, and social anxiety to name a few. Often we feel out of place as the world that we live in does not understand us, nor do they take the time to learn. This is, of course, not speaking of the many people that are willing to try and understand life from a Neurodiverse perspective such as doctors, specialists, friends, and family.

    That being said, our Neuro-Diverse group will be a safe, diverse, and inclusive space for Neurodivergent Sōtō Zen Buddhist Practitioners. Here, we will discuss folks’ Neurodiverse experiences, what brought them to Zen Buddhism, and how Neurodiversity applied with Zen Buddhism show up in our daily lives. We can learn from one another, share what works and what doesn’t, and provide compassion and support.

    May our journeys be a source of understanding and support as we walk the Path together.



    P.S - Please PM me if you have any suggestions and/or ideas for this new group.

    Thank you.
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  • Ryker
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    Hi, do we post here on make a new thread?

    Thank you

    Gasshō, Ryker

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    • Onki
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      Originally posted by Ryker
      Hi, do we post here on make a new thread?

      Thank you

      Gasshō, Ryker

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      Hey Ryker!

      You can post on the main Neurodiverse page. It’s the one with the official welcome and the same spot you posted your very first question.

      Hope this helps!



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