[HealthDharma] WELCOME to 'The Zen of Health Ailments, in Body & Mind' Practice Group

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  • Onki
    Treeleaf Unsui
    • Dec 2020
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    Originally posted by Shinkon
    Hello Everyone!

    I am a newbie to this forum. For awhile now, my multiple sclerosis, depression, and ADD challenged my practice. After a couple of decades, I can say that the weeds those challenges represent led me to new understandings, ways of practice, and appreciation for the lessons they taught me.
    In the following months, I look forward to discussions and the many perspectives that this thread has to offer.
    I hope everyone finds peace and tranquility in their day.
    Hi Shinkon,

    Welcome to this forum! There is much discussion about practise regarding illness (physical and mental) and modifications that can be made in order to help alleviate these conditions.

    I, myself, struggle with treatment depression and ADHD (combination type). Feel free to chat [emoji846]



    Sat today/LAH
    “Let me respectfully remind you
    Life and death are of supreme importance.
    Time swiftly passes by
    And opportunity ist lost.
    Each of us should strive to awaken.
    Awaken, take heed,
    Do not squander your life.​“ - Life and Death and The Great Matter