[Ecodharma] Plant Breathing (practice)

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  • Kokuu
    Treeleaf Priest
    • Nov 2012
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    [Ecodharma] Plant Breathing (practice)

    Dear all

    I attended a One Earth Sangha meeting on Sunday with Australian Eco-Buddhists John Seed and Brother Tenzin. John Seed has been working in Ecodharma for a long time and is particularly noted for his teachings with Joanna Macy.

    During the session he offered this simple practice that I found really lovely in both connecting us to our environment and also showing how what is part of us at one moment may not be in the next, and in fact part of another being, pointing directly to the absence of any solid self.

    Plant Breathing

    - Sit outside near a plant or with a houseplant indoors.
    - Breathe in and out with awareness.
    - As you breathe in, know that you are breathing in oxygen from the plant or other plants.
    - As you breathe out, know that your carbon dioxide is life for the plant.
    - Continue breathing with this awareness for as long as you wish.

    Feel free to share your experience. I found it brought a deep sense of intimacy with my plant friend (and also the awareness that she needs a larger pot!).

  • Tairin
    • Feb 2016
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    Lovely. My little Zendo at home has a number of plants that are around me. I will try this the next time I sit.

    Sat today and lah
    泰林 - Tai Rin - Peaceful Woods


    • Tai Do
      • Jan 2019
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      Lovely practice. Thank you for sharing, Kokuu.
      Tai Do
      怠努 (Tai Do) - Lazy Effort
      (also known as Mateus )

      禅戒一如 (Zen Kai Ichi Nyo) - Zazen and the Precepts are One!