2/26 TRANSMISSION of the LIGHT: to Qingyuan

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  • AlanLa
    • Mar 2008
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    Re: 2/26 TRANSMISSION of the LIGHT: to Qingyuan

    Keizan had me completely lost here, but within one page of Hixon the light came on. Quinyuan is like that student that sits in the back row and never says a thing in class, all of his classes with all of his professors, because he feels he has nothing to say or ask; it's all so plain to him. Then one day a new professor shows up and somehow lights a fire under him, prompts him to come up after class and thus reveal that not only has he been paying close attention, he gets it better than all those students that talk and ask questions in class. Yeah, I've seen this before, although not to this spiritual extent of course.

    As to the lesson, it's Heart sutra, baby: No Path, no stages, no Truths, no suffering. It's all right here. Come to think of it, that's also the Diamond sutra, as well as the previous stories, for that matter. Ordinary experience is prajna!

    And I loved this from Hixon: "Verbal teaching of compassion are no more ultimately reliable than verbal teachings of emptiness. We must come direct!"
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