4/9 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 4-16 to 5-4

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  • Jundo
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    4/9 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 4-16 to 5-4

    Some words of wisdom speaking to our inner Samurai ....

    http://global.sotozen-net.or.jp/common_ ... 04-16.html
  • BrianW
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    Re: 4/9 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 4-16 to 5-4

    Went to a conference last week and seems like this week I am still behind. Thus, I am a bit behind in my posting on the book club.

    Dogen stated:

    I heard the following story from someone, though I’m not sure if it is true or not. The late councilor Jimyoin1, who was a lay monk, once had a treasured sword stolen. The perpetrator was among his retainers. The other warriors arrested the man and brought him to the councilor. Jimyoin said, “There’s been a mistake. This is not my sword.” He then gave the sword back to the warrior.

    Although it was undoubtedly his sword, he returned it because he was considering the shame of the warrior. Although everyone knew it, the situation ended without trouble. Therefore, the councilor’s descendants flourished. Even among lay people there are those who have a big heart like this.
    Suzuki Roshi championed the concept of "an appropriate response" and the above passage illustrates this idea. Obviously when our ego gets in the way of managing a conflict an optimal solution is often not accomplished. Nevertheless, I would have to qualify Dogen's commentary on this story by stating that if the warrior was regularly stealing from others then reinforcing that behavior could be problematic.

    A petty person of inferior faculties soon becomes angry and thinks of his disgrace when he is criticized with harsh words. He is unlike a superior and magnanimous person. A magnanimous person, even when he is hit, never thinks of revenge. Now in our country, there are many petty people. We should be very careful.
    Seems like we have a few petty people in my country as well....and we do need to be very careful.