4/2 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 4-11 to 4-15

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  • Jundo
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    • Apr 2006
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    4/2 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 4-11 to 4-15

    A little of this, and a little of that, from Master D this week ...

    4-11 to 4-15

    http://global.sotozen-net.or.jp/common_ ... 04-11.html
  • BrianW
    • Oct 2008
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    Re: 4/2 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 4-11 to 4-15


    Students of the Way, never expect to practice tomorrow. You should practice following the Buddha only today and in this moment.
    Easy to procrastinate and rationalize why we stray off the path. Tomorrow's practice looks easier and is likely to be more fruitful than today's. This is wrong thinking....practice is now. It is only now and always now. Reminds me of our study of the Sandokai.

    I respectfully urge those who study the mystery,
    don't pass your days and nights in vain.


    • Dosho
      • Jun 2008
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      Re: 4/2 - SHOBOGENZO-ZUIMONKI - 4-11 to 4-15

      Hi all,

      4-11 -- One of my greatest realizations since taking up practice was that criticism was no different from praise in that both lead to an ego out of balance. In either case, continue your practice and don't alter your path for "good" or "bad".

      4-12 -- I have often found myself thinking that enlightenment or even great understanding is probably not possible in this lifetime...and I'm not really sure I even believe in rebirth. But it often does seem to be an enormous undertaking that cannot conceivably be achieved. But then I stop and ask, "What is it I am trying to achieve?" I never have a good answer and certainly whatever that is will not be reached by sitting, walking, or any other bodily activity. I think we do though tend to put figures from the past up on pedestals, but in reality they were no different from us.

      4-13 -- I found this passage a bit odd, but it is for monks who chose to leave their homes and as such Dogen did want them to stay. As it is written it seems to be saying that trouble at home should be dealt with by walking out. I also wasn't sure what to make of, "give advice to each other to reform each other's faults" which would seem to contradict at least one if not more of the precepts. Home can be hell, but I'll work it out rather than splitting.

      4-14 -- `I believe I learned this lesson when I was trying to create a very "attractive" altar, only to understand later that it did not matter. If you wait for your house (metaphorically or not) to be in order before you take up practice, you are missing the point entirely.

      4-15 -- Much the same lesson here as the one before, although I couldn't help wondering if he was saying we should never pack a lunch. But, again, if you keep rehearsing for the performance until it's perfect...the performance will never take place. Improvise!