Grass Hut - 15 - "Trust, Faith, and Ease"

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  • BrianW
    • Oct 2008
    • 511

    Originally posted by Jeremy
    This chapter has me thinking about the difference between "trust without doubt" and Shunryu Suzuki's phrase "accept things as it is". They're similar but very different.

    Yes indeed Jeremy I thought of Shunryu Suzuki as well... "accepting things as it is" a classic!




    • Jishin
      • Oct 2012
      • 4820


      I am very ignorant about some things. For the first year or so at Treeleaf I asked myself what is a student? Is Jundo a teacher? Am I his student? I have a hard time with definitions. Do I have to pay tuition? Do I sign a piece of paper somewhere that says I am a student? Do I raise my right hand and take some kind of oath? Other people that hang out here say that they are students and also that Jundo is a teacher. And I am also people that hang out here. I read everything that is posted (but skip links to other sites or to YouTube due to lack of time). I sit daily and read on my own. This is probably what is meant by being a student. The teachers here then are you, the people that post. And since Jundo writes the most, he must be the main teacher. But again, this is just a bunch of words and definitions, stuff I have trouble with. Do I have trust and faith in Jundo and you? If I try to analyze this too deeply I get paralyzed by thoughts and life goes by without me onboard the ride. So I just do it. Whatever it is. I do it. And afterwards? I did it and do it again.

      Gassho, Jishin, _/st\_