[Challenging Times] -(17)- Grappling with the Green-Eyed Monster - Konin Cardenas

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  • Jundo
    Treeleaf Founder and Priest
    • Apr 2006
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    [Challenging Times] -(17)- Grappling with the Green-Eyed Monster - Konin Cardenas

    It may make others jealous to hear ...

    ... but we now move on to an essay on envy, trust and finding the treasure always ours, nothing lacking ... so what can there be to envy?

    I am pleased to say that Konin Cardenas (who is also now known as Ven. Ayyā Dhammadīpā, as she also has undertaken Theravadan vows which she combines with her Zen path) is scheduled to visit Treeleaf on Sunday, October 10th as a Guest Teacher. We are still setting the exact start time (and I am having a little trouble to reach her as she is in retreat), but I believe that it will be about noon, California time, so that folks in America, UK/Europe, parts of Asia and elsewhere might join. I hope many of you will be able to attend.

    Her essay begins on page 186 of the book. (I will note that, even without envy, I think it is okay to sometimes calmly protest incompetent politicians, quack doctors, unethical Buddhist teachers and the like in society ... and I don't think she means that we just need to accept their behavior in all ways, even as we accept its existence in some profound way.)

    For those who do not yet have a copy, I have made a PDF version available here for those waiting for their ordered book, or those unable to afford or obtain the book (second half of the book):https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yQV...usp=share_link

    Feel free to jump into the readings and discussion even if you have not read other chapters.

    Gassho, Jundo

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  • Tairin
    • Feb 2016
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    I really enjoyed this essay and read through it a couple of times. I am looking forward to Konin Cardenas‘s visit to TreeLeaf. I’ll have to catchup with the recording.

    The manifestation of Dharma is not something that requires long years of study, is not repeating something that was learned in the past. Though it may be informed by study, it emerges spontaneously in the present. Simply put, we live in the moment now. We practice in the moment now. The complete Dharma resides in the moment now. The moment now is fully imbued with that which we are seeking. It is not something that emerges from dusty texts, awaits far off in the future, sits on a distant mountain, or hides in the folds of a particular robe.

    Sat today and lah
    泰林 - Tai Rin - Peaceful Woods


    • Alina
      • Jul 2023
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      ...Practice is to give it to yourself. It is simply a matter of turning your attention to align with your inherent integration with the true nature of things. It is a matter of turning toward the activity of impermanence and emptiness that manifests as "you"...

      If you will turn your attention toward your own state of body and mind, it will show you that the special quality that you seek is integral to your everyday life.

      Zen is not an explanation, but a demonstration... It exhorts us to find the Dharma right where we are, in this very life."
      When reading about Zen masters from ancient China, I find it hard to relate most of the times, it's like the usual "koan-way-of-expressing-concepts" is beyond my grasp. I felt this way about this essay too, until I "suddenly" found the gems I cited above. It was like "WOW! Boom! Such clarity!"

      ...maybe that is what koans where about all along?

      ST + LAH


      • Hōzan
        • Dec 2022
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        I finally got to reading this essay. Enjoyed her talk last week, so was looking forward. A great essay. How many times don’t I want to have what someone else has? Their zen knowledge, their zen practice, their insights, their careers, their status, their money, their vacations, their ability to easily brush off difficult situations….their robe and bowl. Radical equanimity needs radical acceptance.

        Gassho, Michael