Shikantaza and the Morning Star

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  • Tai Shi
    • Oct 2014
    • 3309

    The old morning star is good, tech is often good too. In fact, I will be making a video on this later today, at the old Medicine Buddha shrine in our village. It is dedicated to Yakushi Nyorai, the medicine Buddha. In past centuries, the people living in our little village did not have access to modern doctors and hospitals. Sometimes praying to this Buddha was all they had.
    True, Jundo. A medical condition must be addressed by a medical practitioner, and Shikantaza must be addressed by a teacher of Shikantaza, as under the Bod-hi Tree one saw the morning star and touched the earth. This was a true practitioner of Shikantaza. I take heed to pay attention to Purity, so thank you for all your instruction Jundo, Roshi.
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    Peaceful, Tai Shi. Ubasoku; calm, supportive, for positive poetry 優婆塞 台 婆