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  • Rich
    • Apr 2009
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    Originally posted by Jundo
    Thank you, Rich. Yes, I feel so.

    I often say that our angry, violent, jealous, spiteful words (spoken, written, typed on the internet) have real power to travel and impact our own heart, those around us, our wider community and (in this wired world) even people on the other side of the world who hear or read them ... even indirectly, from the atmosphere the words create in our family or society. That is real power to do harm.

    So, likewise, kind and loving words have power to do the opposite.

    It is just some actual "healing energy," like a mysterious unknown natural force, that I have trouble with, such as in tent revival faith healing, crystals, Reiki and the like.**

    ** On the other hand, even prayer for someone has been shown to have psychological benefits, at least for the person praying and the recipient who may know about the effort. It may also have unexpected negative aspects, such as leading people to avoid proper medical treatment:


    In any case, let me try an experiment of this power to have effect on the other side of the world, typing here in Japan:

    Rich, love you, man!

    Did that have good effect?

    Gassho, J

    Love you, bro
    May you be well with joy and ease


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    無 (MU, Emptiness) and 氷 (HYO, Ice) ... Emptiness Ice ...



    • Fâtih
      • Feb 2020
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      what do i have to offer?

      when i undergone a mental attack i feel my brain departs into two parts and remains without connection or paralyzing..

      for instance now i'm having a moderate attack, i remembered this topic, sat my armchair and intended to write those words..

      i asked myself if my suffering, endless attacks are a sign of my misdeeds in this life and in the pasts'? i guess no..

      do i have to wait a savior among our society? of course no..

      in my attack times it is sometimes beneficial to give in, i feel relax a little bit in my bed..

      giving in..

      sitting in font of the bosphorus and seeing seagouls are flying in front of me to disappear with the sunset..

      i'm not a happy person, please forgive me, but what can i offer only giving in and accepting the reality when we have no choice ...





      • Kiri
        • Apr 2019
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        希 rare
        理 principle


        • Tosei
          • Jul 2020
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          Jundo (et al),

          It has been a hellish few weeks for me. Sickness, injury, more sickness, loneliness, worry, more worry. All life, and I ‘know’ this. And I sit, and I get up. And do it all over again. Reading this today was hugely comforting. Nothing new, of course, but so, so very important. Thank you for being the teacher you are, and the sangha for being the sangha we are. Apologies for longer sentences, and more words than might have been strictly necessary. TL/DR: thank you. all.

          Gassho, and stlah.
          東西 - Tōsei - East West
          there is only what is, and it is all miraculous


          • Kotei
            Treeleaf Unsui
            • Mar 2015
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            Thank you for this, Jundo.
            Sitting with you, Mokusu, Fâtih and Tosei.

            Kotei sat/lah today.

            義道 冴庭 / Gidō Kotei.
            Being a novice priest doesn't mean my writing about the Dharma is more substantial than yours. Actually, it might well be the other way round.


            • Jishin
              • Oct 2012
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              There is a possibility that Jundo is the true messiah and that is a lot to offer.

              Gassho, Jishin, ST, LAH


              • Risho
                • May 2010
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                Originally posted by Jishin

                There is a possibility that Jundo is the true messiah and that is a lot to offer.

                Gassho, Jishin, ST, LAH
                No pressure


                Email: risho.treeleaf@gmail.com


                • Shonin Risa Bear
                  • Apr 2019
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                  Dongshan looked down into the stream and saw his own reflection. I seem to remember reading somewhere he had stubbed his toe rather badly; I visualize blood streaming away and vanishing into the water. "It now is me; I now am not it. One must understand in this way to merge with suchness."

                  Going on past three sentences, prating: the blood is an offering. The reflection is an offering. Dongshan is an offering. The Record of Dongshan is an offering. Jundo's post is an offering. The replies are an offering. Our illnesses are an offering. Our recovery and repose is an offering. Our non-recovery is an offering: the blood and water flow on over the stones toward the all-accepting sea.

                  Noisy! Imposter, but grinning.

                  gassho ds did sit
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                  • Jundo
                    Treeleaf Founder and Priest
                    • Apr 2006
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                    Originally posted by Jishin

                    There is a possibility that Jundo is the true messiah and that is a lot to offer.

                    Gassho, Jishin, ST, LAH
                    ONLY the Messiah? I had higher ambitions.

                    Oy vey. (I cannot find the truly appropriate emoji)
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                    ALL OF LIFE IS OUR TEMPLE


                    • Jishin
                      • Oct 2012
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                      • Do Mi
                        • Apr 2023
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                        Jundo, this article, read in Tricycle, is the reason I followed you here.

                        In gassho,

                        Do Mi